New Toyota App Smart Key Box Allows You to Remotely Start a Car

Toyota App Remotely Start a Car

The automobile brand Toyota is keen on innovating and ushering the industry into the next generation.

As part of their initiative, the company has created a new Smart Key Box app which now allows everyone to remotely start their car by using the smartphone application.

Toyota Smart Key Box App

In the past, Toyota pioneered an idea that allowed private car owners to rent their car when they are not in use. It helped a lot of people who need to get around the city to go places while car owners could make a part time income out of it. People who have already signed up for the shared use car program are the ones who will be able to use the smart key box app.

Toyota confirmed the same when they made the official announcement during a press event. The box has to be installed in the car for the app to be able to communicate with it and remotely start a car. The device works by connecting to a cloud based service and it allows access to the car only for a specific period of time. In other words, it restricts the person who rented the car from having complete access to the car at all times. They don’t have to own the key.

Instead, the original owner of the Toyota car will have the key and the person who rent it can drive it, park or lock it using the app. The cloud service will track all the process and will provide a complete report at the end of the rental period. The idea does sound innovative and in the future, it could be used to allow different family members to access a vehicle without having to have the key in their hand.

Toyota App Remotely Start a Car

The app can also be used to handle loaning services, payment programs and other rental activities. Toyota will implement the smart key box in specific models that have signed up for the rental program. The same technology could be used in future cars and expanded to different regions based on requirement. It might also witness some great updates in the next few years, when autonomous driving technology is ready to be used in mainstream models.

“We have also implemented business features like vehicle management systems, leasing programmes in order to encourage more people to rent their car when not in use,” said a Toyota executive.

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