What’s New About iOS 10.2 – Beta 1 Version – Bringing in Exciting Additions to the Table

iOS 10.2 Beta 1 Version

The new iOS 10.1, beta 1 release offers some interesting changes for the iOS 10.

Developers can access the update, which comes with seventy new Unicode 9 emojis. In addition, there is also a public release of the beta version. Here are some of the top features and improvements of the new release.

iOS 10.2 Beta 1 Version

Enhanced Animations

The UI animations used to act a little strangely on the iPhone7 Plus before the beta 1 release of iOS 10.2. However, the update has fixed the problem of the peculiarities of UI animations, though it is still not totally perfect.

Emoji Characters

The new beta 1 of iOS 10.2 comes with more than seventy additional emoji characters and also updates for existing ones. For instance, there is a clown emoji along with a drooling one, the bacon, someone taking selfie and a lot of other variety.


The iPhone 7 promotional images can be now availed as wallpapers in the beta 1 release. You can find three new ones based on the original iMac, namely, the candy shell color.

New Widget

There is a new videos application widget that can be accessed from the Notification Center. The working of the widget is the same as that of the Music app in the iOS 10. It allows users to resume the content quickly.

iOS 10.2 New Widget

Hiding Photos

Previously, photos would appear on the top of the conversation threads in the Message app. However, with the new beta 1, you can disable the showing of the contact photos in the Settings by going to Messages. This will result in the contact photos being hidden in the conversation thread.

Memory for Last Location

After installing the new beta 1 of the iOS 10.2, users will notice that the Notification center is able to memorize the last place where the user has left off. As a result, users can directly go to widgets when they invoke the Notification Center.

Full Screen for Messages

The full screen can be seen in Messages application with this new beta 1 version. This is almost the same as the effect of the fireworks full screen. It also includes the taptic feedback in case of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

Accessibility to Home Button

The accessibility setting for the Home button now includes a section for Press and Hold to Speak. This allows users to make use of Siri as well as Voice Control responses while they press and hold the button. It is also possible to totally disable the press and hold response on the Home button. Eventually, the feature will enable users to maintain a hands free control on Siri, and at the same time disable the press and hold action on the Home button. However, at present, if you turn of these settings, it will result in disable Siri totally. There is also a new splash screen for welcoming Siri when you enable it from a disabled setting.

iOS 10.2 Star Ratings

Star Ratings

Users can enable a Star Rating for Music application in the new beta 1 version. All they need to do is to go to the preferences on the Music App through Settings and enable the switch for Star Ratings. With the 3D Touch made to any track, users can receive options for rating songs.

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