New WhatsApp iOS Update will Let You Ask Siri to Read Your Messages

WhatsApp iOS

With the latest update for WhatsApp iOS, users can ask Siri to read out incoming messages loud so that they can enjoy the full experience of going handsfree.

The latest version available for the iOS platform is 2.17.2. In order to download the version, users should have their iPhone running at least 10.3 version of the operating system. If the minimum requirements are met, you can download WhatsApp and be able to enjoy the convenience of Siri doing things for you. Along with this particular feature, the developers have also introduced some additional improvements to make the app better.

WhatsApp iOS Update

According to the developer’s changelog, the WhatsApp iOS version 2.17.2 now allows users to go the My Updates screen. In this particular page, they can select multiple statuses posted by their friends and can choose to forward them to a particular person. They can also choose to revoke them if something is wrong or if there is no need for the person on the opposite end to read any of these messages.

In the recent past, WhatsApp has received a whole lot of updates including voice calling feature. While the call drop and voice clarity issues are still being sorted out, the team has been working on making the interface more user friendly and intuitive. Instead of the earlier voice calling button, it now has a + icon using which you can either place a voice call or a video call to a particular person on the contact list.

WhatsApp iOS

A redesign can be spotted in the two step verification interface. The changes are obvious in some place while they are very subtle in some places and are readily accessible than how they used to be. The interface changes are also applied to the group info, contact info page and the calls section. The camera is quite convenient to use now because when you open the camera app from within WhatsApp, it will be able to know its last state of usage and will work accordingly. The developers have also added support for Persian language in the app making it easier to communicate for those who like to use the local tongue.

WhatsApp iOS 2.17.2 has all these features while more are incoming. They are disabled by default for now but will soon be rolled out to users on iOS as well as Android and Windows Phone platforms.