Next Gen Mercedes AMG E63 to Have Drift Mode Pre-Installed

Mercedes AMG E63 Have Drift Mode

The next generation Mercedes AMG E63 is about to give a direct competition to Ford Focus RS that boasts of a dedicated ‘Drift mode’.

AMG boss speaking to a popular automobile magazine confirmed that their team is already working on a more powerful version of the E63. It will have an all-wheel 4Matic drive system with a rear biasing driving mode and is scheduled to hit stores in 2017. When it does, the car will be equipped with a cool drift mode that should probably allow you to make some Fast and Furious like drifts if you like to.

Mercedes AMG E63 Have Drift Mode

“We are going to have a drift mode and the car will have an all-wheel drive system,” said Tobias Moers, head of AMG. From his statement, it is also evident that the company is going to ensure the new Mercedes retains its rear wheel drive experience which is essential to add a drift mode in it. The E63 could easily be a power packed model next year and the one that a lot of sports car lovers are looking forward to have.

As soon the mode is switched on, hundred percent of the power will be shared with the rear wheel even though the next gen Mercedes AMG E63 is going to be an all-wheel drive model. The car will have a power oversteer system as soon as the mode is switched on and it will start drifting when activated. While it’s not as easy as it sounds on paper, a lot of people could actually experience it without having to put too much effort and test their driving skills.

With the new drift mode, AMG believes the Mercedes E63 would be a fun and fast car, similar to what Ford offers with their Focus RS edition. The RS edition was particularly built to offer the best speed, acceleration and performance. AMG is one such division that is known for its exceptional tweaking skills which gives a promising start for the upcoming model.

Mercedes AMG E63

The company’s boss also shared some lap timings but in real world scenario, it may not be so relevant with all that traffic and road conditions. The car is expected to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds or less. The numbers are representative and actual performance of the Mercedes AMG E63 could vary. We can confirm how fast it can go only when the model is out next year.

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