Next Gen Nissan Leaf: Pricing, Specs and Availability

Nissan Leaf

The second generation Nissan Leaf has been announced.

The announcement was made at the Nissan Futures Show which was held in Oslo, Norway. The 2018 model has received a bunch of upgrades and has been priced at £26,490.

During the announcement, the automobile manufacturer discussed about the possibility of launching a Leaf hot hatch. A possible official announcement is expected at the upcoming Tokyo motor show which is where the company will also unveil the Nissan Leaf Nismoconcept model.

Nissan Leaf rear

Named as the Nissan Leaf 2.Zero, it is the all-electric model which has received a significant upgrade. The car can go up to 235 miles on a single charge making it more formidable than the outgoing model, especially for long trips. Powered by a 7.5Kw charging stations, the car can be fully charged in just 5.5 hours when on the go.

For frequent local commuters, the company plans to setup much faster 50kW charging points across areas in London and the UK. These charging points are more than capable of charging the car up to 80 percent of its battery capacity in just 40 minutes. The car has been developed and designed with three different concepts put together, Intelligent Power, Driving and Integration.

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With the help of Intelligent Driving, drivers can mostly drive the new Nissan Leaf around with just the accelerator as it uses regenerative braking whenever you lift your foot off the accelerator. A battery efficient and safety concept that also contributes to easy driving as you can drive the car with a single foot on the accelerator 90 percent of the time.

Equipped with Nissan ProPilot autonomous system, drivers can rely on the car to drive on its own in traffic congestion. It can automatically handle speeds up to 62 mph. The system also makes use of the 12 sonar sensors and 4 different cameras mounted on the car to automatically park itself in almost any space, taking the strain off the driver.

Nissan Leaf interior

Buyers will be able to choose between two different battery packs when they buy the Nissan Leaf 2.Zero model. The entry level model has a 40kWh lithium ion battery with 235 mile range while a higher capacity battery pack with 310 miles of coverage will be launched after the entry level model hits stores. The car can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 9.8 seconds. It also supports Android, Auto, Apple Carplay among other connectivity options as part of the infotainment system.

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