Nexus Phones Getting Android Nougat  – Is Your Phone on the Lucky List of the Sweetest Update from Google?

Android Nougat

The Nexus 6, the 5X, the 6P, the 9, the Player, Pixel C and GM 4G Android One mobile phone are some of the lucky Nexus devices to get the new Android 7.0 update.

Update Rolled Out

The latest version of Android, Android N or Android Nougat is now officially for some Nexus devices. It has been in the beta stage for more than five months. The official version of the new Android 7.0 update is being rolled out to the above-mentioned Nexus devices. All other devices that were enrolled with the Beta program of Android, namely the Xperia Z3 from Sony for one, will also receive this update.

Slow Updates

This is a very small number of devices that are on the list for getting the new update, compared to the innumerable Android phones and devices being used all over the world. Android has always been fragmented in its updates. Even if Google offers an update, the carrier or the manufacturer has to test it and then roll it independently. This process normally takes several months and that is why some devices liket he Priv from BlackBerry and also the OnePlus 2 got the Marshmallow update nearly six months after it was launched.

No Dates Mentioned

Many of the manufacturers of Android phones have not mentioned any specific date or even a time range to receive the new Android N update. Some manufacturers have mentioned the names of the devices that are sure to get the update. Devices that are connected to a particular carrier will get the updates even more slowly.

Nexus 6P Android Nougat

Nexus Devices the First

It is normal that Google devices are the first to get the new updates or new version of the software. This has repeated itself in the new Android N version as well. The devices that will first receive the update for installing will be the Nexus 6, the 7, the 6P, the 9 the Player, the Pixel C and Android One or General Mobile 4G. Users have to go to the About Phone on the Settings application and tap on the System updates to check for the new update. They will receive the notification that tells them the update is ready for their device and can be installed. However, devices such as the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 (2013) will not be receiving the new update.

Pixel C Eligible

The Pixel C, a surprise tab released by Google in 2015, is also getting this update. This is because it is a Google device. However, Android devices have not been mentioned. Also, budget phones and devices that run on the stock Android OS in the developing markets have not been mentioned. GM’s 4G mobile phone has been mentioned as receiving the new update.

Samsung Device Hopefuls

The company has several Android devices and most of them might not make it for the new update. Samsung is also well known for offering slow updates, with the S6 series being updated to Marshmallow only five months after Google had published it. Some of the Galaxy devices that are on the hopeful list are the S6, the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge Plus, the S7, the S7 Edge, the Note 5, the S7 Active, the Note 7 and the J3.

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