Niantic Issues a Lifetime Ban Warning to Pokémon Go Fraudulent Players

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Pokémon Go has become a global sensation since its launch on July 6 with over 100 million downloads across the globe. However, the game is only available for smartphones running on iOS or Android.  Mobile gamers on other platforms have been itching to land the popular game but Niantic has no information to share.

Immediately Pokémon Go was released the frantic gamers started looking for a workaround to playing the game on their devices which they luckily found by using bots and some tools developed by hackers. Doing that is certainly a breach of Pokémon Go terms of service which Niantic vowed to protect. Players who were found using the cheat tools were blocked for some time after which they could continue using their accounts. However, according to the latest update on terms and conditions, Niantic will block accounts found committing the listed offences for forever.

According to the new rules, players found doing any of the following will never play the game again; use of any third party program to find Pokémon, use of tools to trick the game’s GPS on your real location and use of any game emulator. Some gamers have been using game emulators, blue ticks and other tools to play Pokémon Go on Windows 10 PCs. That must stop!

Pokémon Go gamers who are using the services like Necrobot, PokeVision or any other third party service are also warned to back off as they will not be spared. Necrobot service, for instance, allowed gamers to stock their Pokémon Go accounts by catching the creatures, hatching eggs and collecting other items from the PokéStops. However, Necrobot has come to a premature stop with the developer announcing that all downloads for it will be removed.

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Besides, the corporation will also legally go after the developers who are creating bots and other tools for the game.  During the announcement, Niantic spokesperson said the company is determined to offer a cool, fair and legitimate game free from fraud. He explained that the team will as well beef the security by patching the anti-cheat systems to enhance the quality of the gameplay. It has also been realized that hackers’ Pokémon were superior and they were controlling the gyms.

Pokémon Go stipulated gameplay require the players to travel to physical locations to catch the monsters. However, the cheats have been using fraudulent bots and tools to catch the virtual creatures and claiming gyms from the comfort of their chairs. Besides, some software has been developed that can automatically hatch the eggs for gamers without them moving physically to complete the steps.

Victims whose Pokémon Go accounts will be blocked will be given a chance to explain themselves through a complaint form. However, Niantic has urged players not to complain on social media citing privacy reasons. The ban begins with immediate effect and in the next few weeks, we will see multiple cheats’ accounts getting lifetime bans and legal action taken against fraudulent bot and tool developers.

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