Google Hangouts On Air is No More, Users Redirected to YouTube Live

Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts has been more successful as an enterprise tool than as a mainstream communications app, this is according to a top Google executive.

As a result of this realization, the search engine giant has decided to shift the focus of the app to the enterprise consumers, leaving behind the rest of the consumers to the upcoming Google Allo and Duo. With this acceptance, Google is now looking to make the Hangouts app a little simpler when it comes to the business world and the journey has begun with discontinuing the Hangouts on Air and instead, users are being redirected to YouTube Live.

This news was made public earlier this week, with Google revealing that the Google+ feature will move to YouTube Live as from September 12. Even though the Hangouts On Air feature is moving on, the company was clear that the likes of Showcase, Applause, and Q&A will not be migrating to YouTube Live, however, users will have to make use of Google Slides in case they need Q&A.

There is nothing to worry about if you had some Hangouts On Air content on your Google+ account as the company has promised that this will not be migrated either. Instead, you can find the same content saved in the Activity Log as a read-only file. To make it a lot easier for you when making the transition, Google has listed a number of steps required for setting up your new YouTube Live account.

Hangouts on Air

Google wants to streamline Hangouts and make it even more perfect for the enterprise world, an area the company acknowledges that the app has seen some significant success. Google Allo and Duo will be left with the simple roles of messaging and video calling while Hangouts will take advantage of your Google account to provide business users with a full Google experience.

Google Duo is already available for download via the Play Store and App Store. While the app only offers video calling services, there is word that the voice calling feature will be added soon. Remember, these new apps are tied to your phone number, meaning they should probably work in the same way as Facebook’s WhatsApp and other IMs.

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