Niantic Labs to Unveil an Ambitious Pokémon Go Update – Check Out the Details

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is proving to be one of the most popular mobile games that Niantic Labs has ever come out with. While the game has not even reached out to all parts of the world, the developers are already jogging the idea of coming in with what would be an ambitious update.

According to the newest reports, Niantic Labs has begun works on an update that will see Pokémon Go receive PokeCenters. There won’t be anything new with the new feature, especially for those who are already familiar with the Pokémon franchise. It seems that the idea of bringing PokeCenters is high on the list of CEO John Hanke. The main reason behind this update is to enhance the general playability of Pokémon Go while at the same time bringing up new ways of interacting with certain locations when playing the game.

Players will reportedly be able to convert nearby PokeStops into PokeCenters, but there is really nothing much the report gives out about how this process will actually work. On the brighter side, players will be able to access customization options for these PokeCenters. Of course, this is aimed at giving each Pokémon Go player a unique experience when trying to find these PokeCenters.

Pokemon Go

It is not very clear what all of these PokeCenters will be used for, but speculation is that Niantic Labs might choose to use them as Day Care Centers where Pokémon are raised or hospitals for healing these same creatures. Who knows, you might also come across training facilities at these centers.

You may be wondering why all the speculations about what these PokeCenters are. Well, this is simply because Hanke did not clarify the exact role of these new additions in Pokémon Go. But of course, we expect more information to start popping sooner than later. Still, the CEO was adamant that introducing training centers for Pokémon is still on their wish list as a company, something that could mean we get to see both the training facilities and PokeCenters’ updates at the same time.

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