Nier: Automata Demo Available for Free on PlayStation Store

Nier Automata

In honor of the season of giving towards the end of the year, the Nier Automata is being made available as a free download from PlayStation store.

To mark the release of the demo, a video trailer has been released that gives you an insight into some weapons that you will most probably use. The interesting aspect is that some of these weapons are what you would have earlier used in some other games.

As you follow the demo, you will find yourself getting transported to a deserted factory as part of android 2B’s mission to put an end to a colossal enemy weapon. This weapon is located inside the factory. To help you succeed in your mission, you will be provided with a gamut of both long and short range weapons. These weapons help you in counteracting the innumerable weapons of your opponents. Another thing that you are sure to notice in the demo is that Nier Automata is a fast paced game full of action and varying levels of difficulties as the game progresses. Once the demo helps you understand how the game progresses, you can use this as an opportunity to hone up your skills and put them to test.

Nier Automata

Square Enix enthusiasts have also noted the key weapons that will be featured in the demo. One of them isthe Engine Blade that was used by Noctis as his signature weapon in Final Fantasy XV.Yet another weapon is the Cypress Stick that has been borrowed from the Dragon Quest. They will be made available to you at the final level of the game and so there is no need for you to worry about having to download them. But, what you must do in order to unlock them is not revealed in the menu.

Apart from the demo, you can also place a preorder on the PlayStation store for the Nier: Automata Day One Edition. This comes with six bonus items that can be downloaded. Added to this, a digital preorder fetches you a static theme and three additional DLC items.

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