Nintendo Classic Edition Hacked to Add More Games, New Mod Explained

Nintendo Classic Edition

Modding is not everyone but if your Nintendo Classic edition looks boring already with just 30 games to play with, this is the one you are looking for.

Many are still trying hard to buy the Nintendo Classic Edition but for the lucky few, the console is already sitting on their desk and they have almost played all the games many times over. Being a classic company, they are not going to roll out digital updates or support the console by increasing its library. Even if you are willing to spend money, you can’t buy titles which triggered the modding community to come up with a solution.

Nintendo Classic Edition

Two different hackers, one from Russia and another from Japan have managed to come up with soft mod solutions to add new games to your NES Classic library. Good news is, you don’t have to be a techie expert to get this job done. There is no need to remove the hardware, solder new components but all you do is software based making things much easier. The detailed instructions are already posted online but here’s a simple overview to help you out.

The first step is to create a Super Mario Bros save file in the first slot. Saving it in other slots won’t work. If you have already played the game, which you should have after buying the NES, this save file should be there by this time. Connect your console to a computer using a micro USB cable and reboot your NES console in “FEL” mode.

To start the process, turn off the machine first. When it is switched off, hold down the power button and hold down the system’s reset button next. It will prompt the device to open in FEL mode. When the booting is done, make sure your PC is running sunxi-FEL interface which is a USB Boot software. You can download it from here. The software is free to download and easy to use.


While things are easy this far, the last and most important step is to create a backup of your Nintendo Classic internal data to your computer and replacing them with ROM files available online. It allows you to add any game and play it later. Some are official and supported over different communities. Reddit Nintendo page should help you out but for all technical information, make sure you head to this official page to know more.

According to a post by ARStechnica, modders were able to run games like Mega Man, Contra and Batteloads. Such amazing titles can be added to your collection if you are ready to take the plunge in modding your NES Classic Edition console.

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