Nintendo eShop Announces Heavy Discounts On Wii U, 3DS Games

Nintendo eShop Discounts On Wii U 3DS Games

In order to commemorate the big day on which the digital eShop was opened, Nintendo has announced a grand sale.

There are so heavily discounted titles on the Wii U and 3DS among other platforms.

The big sale has already begun in the UK among other regions. It starts on June 9th and will continue till the end of the month. Players will be able to purchase and make use of the sale until June 23rd. There is no official number but is expected that dozens of games are being offered at half their price during the period. In their official blog, the company confirmed that they are planning to expand the sales by adding new products from time to time. Some of them will be timed deals. It is important for buyers to make use of it before the deal becomes void forever.

Donkey Kong is easily most popular in the lot which is now reduced to £4.49 making it an easy buy for gamers. After all, no collection is complete until you have the Kong game in your Nintendo Wii U platform. Similar discounts are available on the Earthbound franchise and Metroid Prime Trilogy. The trilogy is now available for £8.99 which is a considerable decrease from its original price tag. Besides, when you have three different games from the trilogy, it makes for a complete collection.

Wii U and 3DS

Mario and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is available for a price of £8.99. Super Mario World is now priced at £2.69while Super Mario 64 is now available for £4.49. A wide range of Zelda games are now available for an affordable pricing made possible by the discount sale. The titles available include Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, Link’s Awakening and the Minish Cap.

F-Zero is not such a popular offering in the latest consoles. However, as part of the Nintendo eShop grand sale, the F-Zero for the original SNES is now available as a digital download. The game is priced at £2.69. All these price tags are based on the UK version of the store. The sale is expected to be available on multiple platforms for almost every console the company has made so far.

A full list of games and their discounted pricing are available in the official Nintendo store. For fans who have some titles to be purchased, this is the best opportunity to grab hold of.

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