Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Leaked Before E3 2016 Reveal

Watch-Dogs 2

Instead of the planned big E3 2016 reveal, Watch Dogs 2 trailer got leaked and is now available on multiple channels in Youtube.

The first impression came from an ad that was posted on Twitch.

It is unclear whether Ubisoft is using this as a marketing stunt to create hype for the title before the official reveal. According to the details available, the master hacker is heading from Chicago to the Bay Area now. The advertisement on the Twitch channel was captured and released by a Twitter user named @Fobwashed. Some parts of the video were pulled due to copyright claims. However, the full version of the video survived in the internet because hundreds of users took copies of their own and uploaded it in their own channels.

Watch Dogs 2 is set in San Francisco this time around and there is plenty of jumping to do. With such a huge sprawling city which has scope to hack almost anything and everything, the action is widespread. Lots of high buildings are featured in the trailer and there’s even an episode where guys are seen doing parkour so as to escape from the cops, we assume. From the leaked footage, it is evident that the new game is definitely much interesting when compared to its first iteration.

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

Similar to Assassins Creed which witnessed a mammoth victory with its second version, Watch Dogs 2 looks poised to become a fan favorite. Ubisoft is betting high on the franchise and if it kicks off, they will finally give Assassin’s Creed a break and focus on building better worlds for the hacking specialist. A full blown reveal is going to take place at the E3 2016 next week.

With the trailer leaked much earlier, we are not sure how the representatives at Ubisoft are going to handle the situation. They might probably create a new video to keep things interesting or add additional details to the leaked one. The game is scheduled to get launched on November 15 if we are to go by the trailer.

It is now available on Twitter for those of you who like to take a peek and on Youtube channels. We have saved you the time by posting links. Just click the video below and enjoy the most action packed teaser video in recent times. Plenty of heists are going to take place in Bay Area and let’s hope it’s amazing as hyped.

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