Nintendo Handheld Gets Minecraft But Only on New 3DS & 2DS Systems

Nintendo Handheld Minecraft 2DS Systems

Nintendo handheld consoles 3DS and 2DS have a massive fanbase but it was surprising that the fan favorite Minecraft never made its way to the platforms, up until now.

During the Nintendo Direct Presentation which took place yesterday, the company announced that after Nintendo Switch and Wii U, Minecraft is officially coming to the handheld scenario. But, there’s a catch in here! The game will work only on the new Nintendo 3DS machine because according to Mojang and 4J studios, the older consoles doesn’t have enough hardware specifications to handle the new features.

Majority of the gamer base owns 3DS or 2DS from the older generation because they are usually available at a discount along with one or two free games. The newest edition of the handheld is owned only by a specific lot for which Minecraft developers plan to cater to. Those who are willing to buy the new Nintendo 3DS or the 2DS console will be able to enjoy the game.

Nintendo Handheld Gets Minecraft

Based on the announcement, it is confirmed that the new Minecraft will have both Survival mode and Creative mode providing gamers the choice they love. If you simply like to explore the beauty of the world and make creative constructions, choose Creative mode. For the convenience of players, the developers have provided two different controls. You can either play the game using touch controls which is an innovative take on Minecraft world while the traditional button and analog controls can be used for a more laid back experience.

All the DLCs including skin packs and texture packs released on the Nintendo Wii U console, Switch will be available on the new 3DS version on launch. It’s great to know that the game is already available on the eShop so that you can buy it right away and start playing on your new 3DS consoles. However, if you love box arts and would settle for nothing less than a superb box to add to your library, you should wait for a couple of weeks.

Nintendo Handheld Gets Minecraft Only on New 3DS

Nintendo didn’t announce a specific release date for the boxed version of Minecraft new 3DS edition and if you plan to buy one, it could be a long wait. During the Direct presentation, the company also confirmed that NBA 2K18, FIFA 18, Doom and Wolfenstein II are all set for launch on the Nintendo Switch console. This is the first time so many third party titles are coming to a Nintendo machine.

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