Doom and Wolfenstein II Games are Coming to Nintendo Switch

Doom Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch and every other Nintendo console for that matter had been a family friendly platform.

You won’t see anything more than Mario and Link in them because they are designed to be easy to monitor rather than setting parental locks and age settings.

The company seems to be drifting off into the mature territory for the first time as during the Nintendo Direct Presentation, a surprising announcement was made. Developed by id software, Doom is a hit title that didn’t warranted too much attention yet managed to satisfy majority of gamers. The title sold thousands of copies on PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. If you haven’t played it yet or want to enjoy an action packed trip, the Nintendo Switch version seems to be the best choice.

After all, who would have imagined that a game like Doom would land on the Switch? High on violence and gore, it is not the only title to make its way to the platform. The game will be accompanied by another retro title’s modern remake, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The Direct Live Stream threw in surprises, one after the other making it a fun ride not only Switch gamers but also for the general public who were not so sure about grabbing the hybrid console off the shelves.

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Doom Multiplayer and DLCs Not Confirmed Yet

The announcement confirmed that Doom will be available on the console this holiday season while Wolfenstein 2 will be available sometime in 2018, possibly in the first half we hope so. The game has a Mature content rating and parents who purchased the Nintendo Switch console for their young kids would definitely avoid buying it. Even though, the company made the announcement they didn’t specify more details with regards to the game. It is expected that all the DLCs will be available on launch but there is no word on whether the game would support multiplayer or not.

Wolfenstein II Nintendo Switch

Wolfenstein II on the other hand is yet to get launched on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The game will land on October 27th and it will be another six months or so, before the Switch version is officially released. Nintendo made a lot of announcements including a Super Mario Odyssey bundle during the Direct presentation. The company focused a lot on the Super Mario game because it seems to be the only AAA exclusive coming to the platform apart from Skyrim Special Edition, NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18.

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