Nintendo Mini NES Console Ad Will Sure Tingle The Nostalgic Gamer In You

Nintendo Mini NES

The gaming industry has come a long way and is moving into virtual reality.

Despite all the changes, no one can say to the best a Nintendo NES has to offer and that is what exactly they are going to do.

Nintendo has likely unearthed all their best materials from the past. Pokemon Go is an amazing example. The game is yet to launch in majority of the regions. Despite its limited launch, it has already managed to make the world go awe with surprise. Every last person is busy playing the game. Some of them even go into trouble for not being aware of the surroundings but it’s all part of the game. The servers are still in chaotic situation and the developers are trying to fix it somehow.

On the other end, the company has unveiled an amazing advertisement video for the classic mini NES console. The entire promo is a trip through time as some of the best games from the past are featured in it. The new NES console is very compact, easy to use and comes pre-loaded with games. Gamers from the past might know how difficult it is to keep track of the cartridges and change them whenever they wish to play a new game.

Nintendo Mini NES Console

The new Nintendo NES mini console is made for the smartphone generation where people like to pick any game of their choice and just start playing. Some games which are part of this new emulated NES console include The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid. If you are fan of action series like Contra and Arkanoid, it may be part of the bundle. But, we also expect the company to roll out new games in the future as part of an update.

Playing thirty classic titles on modern age HD television has excited a lot of gamers. Once pre-orders begin, we can be sure that it is going to sell so fast unlike any other modern game in recent history. The system is slated for launch on November 11th which is going to be a long wait but it definitely is worth it. After all, we don’t get to play such titles every day right?

The entire gaming community is busy playing multiplayer games and huge AAA single player campaigns. The Nintendo NES mini console should fill up the requirement of those who like to play something simple and not rely on the internet always to stay connected.

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