BMW Working On A Pickup Truck Made To Compete Mercedes Benz GLT

BMW Working On A Pickup Truck Made

Pickup trucks are a unique category of vehicles which receives little attention from the mainstream manufacturers.

The luxury manufacturers in the automobile industry seldom focus on this category of vehicles. BMW is going to give buyers something new to go for with a new pickup truck. And, on paper it is going to be completely next generation and will compete against the likes of the Mercedes Benz GLT. They are trying to come up with the perfect truck that every American citizen would love.

According to a statement published on an automobile magazine, BMW is building a roundel badged truck. It is going to be the perfect competitor to the luxury GLT built by Mercedes Benz as the vehicles may be mounted on similar platforms and sport identical powertrains. The information comes from the managing director of BMW in Australia. Marc Werner, the director commented that they are closely watching the sector and will come up with the right model at the right time.

“We just can’t pinpoint the actual time when the car will be out. Never say never but the team is keeping an eye on the market. We have plans for the particular segment and when BMW does it, it will definitely be something to take notice of said,” said Werner.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has already taken the plunge into the segment by launching the GLT. Trucks from Mercedes aren’t something the average buyer looks forward to but it also gives them the edge to make better sales. There aren’t many companies that could boast to offer luxury features, components and technology upgrades that Mercedes does. It will surely come with a premium price tag.

The BMW Australian boss admitted that Mercedes Benz already has a strong foothold in the commercial vehicle market. They have the necessary team, equipment and factory to build the GLT than BMW did. They have to face a lot of hurdles before the actual vehicle could get launched. It is still a long way to go but Werner believes that the chances of bringing one out is much higher than it used to be in the past.

A Hyundai Santa Cruz truck is also in the cards. The upcoming BMW pickup truck may take a couple of months to be confirmed and the production version of the model will probably go into production by 2017. It’s to be a long wait but should be worth it if we are to go by their words.

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