Nintendo NES Classic Production Begins Again, Comes to Stores in 2018

Nintendo NES Classic 2018

Nintendo follows a style ever since the beginning of keeping their stock under control so as to reduce any losses.

But, for the NES Classic edition which is a recreation of the retro console with limited console, the company has to change their decision.

When the small device launched for $79.99, gamers and retro title lovers were uncontrollably excited because they get the opportunity to literally travel back in time with these games. Alongside the same, Super NES Classic Edition which came bundled with 21 legendary titles including the most favorite The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Super Metroid will also be made available in stores.

Nintendo NES Classic

Instead of having to download and run emulators on your smartphone or computer, you could simply plug the console to your television using the HDMI port and start gaming. The mini console came with two wired controllers which were normal sized so that it is easy to grip and play those classic games. Ever since the console got launched, it was permanently out of stock in every store and those annoying sellers started selling it for as high as $200 on eBay making it impossible for the average person to buy one.

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NES Mini, SNES is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Nintendo confirmed that the NES Classic console will begin production again. The company confirmed in their official Twitter channels that they will ship new stocks to US, UK and Europe so as to keep their fans happy in every corner of the world. The console was originally launched back in November 2016 and it won’t be so surprising if you were never able to get your hands on one.

Nintendo NES Classic edition

“When manufacturing resumes, we will be able to provide an exact release date for the console. More on the availability and other details will be updated in the official page in the following months,” confirmed Nintendo executives. The company has been witnessing some amazing sales with the Nintendo Switch console. It has sold millions of units within a couple of months and is on its way to become another classic hit for the company primarily because of the portability it offers.

The re-launch date has not been confirmed yet but the famicom Mini is coming back to stores and when it does, it will be a fun $80 that you could spend to make the most out of the upcoming holiday season with 30 amazing classic titles from the NES Classic, as well as the SNES edition.

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