Nintendo NES Classic at Best Buy Today : End of a Retro Classic Hit

Nintendo NES Classic

This is your last chance to get Nintendo NES Classic mini gaming console at Best Buy Today.

The Nintendo NES Classic has been discontinued, but the last shipments of the gaming console are available in stores. The Classic edition of the NES will be available at Best Buy, from today onwards, though you cannot buy it online. Many stores in New York have also begun the ticketing process for the purchase of this console.

Best Buy

First Come First Served

You may have to hurry if you are interested in buying this classic mini gaming console from Nintendo. This is because it will be sold on a first come first served basis, according to a spokesperson for Best Buy. However, Best Buy has this policy that it will not make comments about the inventory. Hence, it is cannot be surely stated whether this is really the last available consoles or whether there are some more to be availed even after the end of this month. In addition, Best Buy is offering some savings on the accessories of the NES Classic. This is natural, as these accessories will not be of any use after this month, as the main console will not be available for much longer.

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End of Story

This marks the end of the retro hit gaming console hit, NES Classic. If you miss this opportunity, you can only get hold of the device at Walmart or Target and in online stores like Amazon or even eBay or Craigslist.

Announcement to Discontinue

Nintendo had announced on the 13th of April that it is discontinuing the popular NES Classic. This led to a lot of uproar among its fans, especially when the console had been sold out for several months and consumers were ready to purchase it as soon as it hit the stores. The NES Classic is a genuine hit for the company, but Nintendo has not offered any reason for the decision.

Speculation for Discontinuing

It has been speculated that the discontinuing of the NES Classic Edition gaming console was connected with profit margins or the way the Classic device fits in beside its Switch device. It is also possible that Nintendo is considering the SNES classic during the holiday season this year.

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Nintendo’s Strategy

The strategy seems to be a bit bizarre. Nintendo does not seem to want the consumers’ money, but it wants people to desire its products desperately and forever. The scarcity might have been artificially introduced, with Nintendo wanting to keep the supply low, so that there is always a high demand for its consoles. Nintendo has successfully whipped up frenzy for the NES Classic console, as it is now a limited run device.

Nintendo NES Classic

Market Manipulation

For the past few months, Nintendo has been selling small batches of NES Classic devices and they have always sold out very fast. The company has made sure that fans are ready and willing to wait in line with cash to buy whatever they sell, because it has set a trend of limited devices that will soon vanish from the market.