Nintendo Switch Could Bridge the Gap Between Home Consoles and Handhelds, Execs Say

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is going with another innovative approach this time around with the Switch, a hybrid console that is designed to offer the best of home console and handheld gaming experience.

Discussing their views on the same, director Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer of Nintendo Switch shared what they feel about this unique proposition in a recent interview. According them, the new console will be persistent in a gamer’s life allowing them to use it anywhere, any time.

Nintendo Switch Home Consoles

“In the past, one would use the home console for a specific set of features and games. The same person would use a handheld for an entirely different purpose but we believe that the Nintendo Switch could bridge the gap. The problem with modern day is that all of us are really busy. We really can’t play games as we used to do because of time constraints. You can start a game on the Switch at home and take it to a place you go everyday to continue playing during your leisure hours. We feel that it could put that spark back into gaming irrespective of your tight schedule,” opined Koizumi San.

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Takahashi handled the long running question that has been surrounding the Nintendo Switch ever since its announcement. The console runs at 720p when used in handheld mode and doesn’t sport the latest hardware but rather a good enough processor from Nvidia. The executives seem to have a good idea of what they are doing as they commented that Nintendo was never a graphics company or a video game company but rather an entertainment firm.

“Our goal has always been to focus on newer and fun entertainment forms for our audience. It is the top priority and when are working with such objective, it is known that the graphics quality may fall. But, I strongly feel that we have had the best balance for the Nintendo Switch. The graphics are good enough for the games and at the same time it is easy to develop games for,” said Takahashi.

Nintendo Switch

They also added that with the new HD Rumble function, easy to use Joy Con controllers and a compact design, the Nintendo Switch will offer an immersive experience like no other console in recent times. Nintendo did a great job with Wii but the $299 price tag seems to be a minor hindrance for Switch at the moment. Good game titles could possibly justify it when it gets launched in March.

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