Uncharted 4 Survival and Multiplayer Modes to Feature Hardcore and Classic Versions Respectively  

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Mode

The development team at Naughty Dog has just recently released a new patch note for survival and multiplayer modes.

The patch note features a hardcore version for the Survival mode that poses a whole lot of challenges for the gamer. When you play this version, you are expected to keep yourself and your team members alive throughout the mission and survive the entire lot of 50 waves. Getting wiped by even a single wave can send you back to the start and make you resume the Uncharted 4 game all over again. In other words, you are given only one chance to make your way through all the waves. Thus, it is understandable that the hardcore version makes the game tougher and more challenging, while requiring the involvement of a lot of planning strategically, close teamwork and skill. The game developers add that this hardcore version with higher stakes is definitely not for people with weak minds or feeble hearts.

Uncharted 4 Survival Mode

Another update featured in the patch note is the classic version that players are bound to notice if they opt for the multiplayer mode. This option can be found under the multiplayer playlist menu. Interestingly, this feature was offered when the game was first released and removed in the later versions. When players opt for this Classic version, they will have to play the game at the basic level without being able to avail any sidekicks or mysticals for assistance. Therefore this is also known as Back-to-Basics mode. There will also be no access to the in-game store of Uncharted 4.

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Other than the above two Hardcore and Classic versions, the recently released patch note has also addressed various issues that players were facing earlier and in turn have made the game more memorable. Some of them include allowing players to combat with Disciple warlords against walls, issues relating to sporadic bind posting of enemies during an encounter and proper calculation of a gamer’s damage bonuses for boosters and weapon levels. These are just a few of many bugs that have been resolved in the latest version.

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