Nintendo Switch to Get NES Styled Joy Cons, Priced at an Expensive $200

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console is a huge success and is slowly growing with a strong lineup of games, into the most reliable portable console of recent times.

No hardware is complete unless it receives the best peripherals that is required to provide a great gaming experience.

The Joy Cons are pretty small that encouraged many third-party developers to launch their own bigger versions. The latest limited-edition item to join the list is one designed by the popular game controller company named ColorWare. People who already use Nintendo for a long time should be familiar with this brand which has been launching exclusive hardware designs now and then.

Nintendo Switch

They have come up with joy con controllers for the Nintendo Switch console. If you are planning to buy one, you should be ready to shell out a fortune. The actual console costs $300 which is considered quite expensive because the immensely powered Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles cost the same. But, the NES inspired Joy Cons will set you back by $200 making it an accessory only a hardcore fan would go for.

ColorWare has earned a great reputation throughout the years by making the best and most robust accessories. Their secret to success lies in their production process where they make devices by disassembling them manually. Even the newly released NES Joy Cons are done the same way and later painted to perfection before they are assembled again. Such work requires lot of manpower and time which is why they cost so much. In terms of features, the team didn’t change any from the original Nintendo Switch design. It includes gyroscope, accelerometer and buttons.

The bundle which costs $200 also comes with matching grey colored wrist straps so that you can enjoy the retro experience without compromising at any point.Compared to the standard ones provided by the company, these custom painted design costs $120 more and will take three weeks to be shipped to your address if you live in the United States.

Nintendo Switch

Custom consoles and controllers are a regular occurrence in Japan where Nintendo would launch their own version of the Switch exclusive to the region. Those who live in the US, UK or Europe have to be happy with what companies like Colorware provides including the hefty price tag associated with it. Only 25 of these NES Joy Cons will be built similar to many other products released in the past by the company.

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