Nintendo Switch Gets an Xbox Styled Controller and Arcade Fighting Stick from Hori

Nintendo Switch Gets Xbox

When just glanced through, the controllers designed and released by the team at Hori might sound like an overkill for a small console like the Nintendo Switch.

Ever since the Switch got launched, it has been promoted strongly as a handheld device and there are very little talks on how it works as a home console. The device not only turns into a full 1080p output when plugged into the box and connected to your television but will also be on par with any Xbox One or PS4 console considering the exclusive titles available on it. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 are always more than enough for the average Nintendo fan to enjoy what the new platform has to offer.

Nintendo Switch Gets Xbox

But, it’s just the beginning as a lot more games are heading to the console real soon. The Nintendo Switch received Microsoft’s Minecraft, a welcome addition and game that is extremely addictive to play with your friends. When you could actually carry it outside and play it on an innovative display with those unique joy cons, the fun is doubled. The console does lack the ability to allow voice chat during multiplayer Minecraft matches but these are some simple glitches which can be fixed in time with software updates.

The controller is something that received some negative feedback from critics because of its miniscule size. Hori, a team known for this custom peripherals should be able to solve your problem in the best way possible. Some may have a different opinion but the Xbox One controller is the best of them all in the market right now. It is large, feels comfortable to hold and feels more robust when compared to its competitors’ offering. Hori has designed a Nintendo Switch controller inspired by the Xbox One design.

Nintendo Switch

Named the Hori pad, the controller looks a lot like the Pro Controller available in the eshop right now. But, coming from a reputed seller it doesn’t need to be reiterated that the build quality, comfort and its design should be a satisfying purchase for ardent gamers. The controller is a wired edition which plugs into the USB port on the Switch and also has a swappable directional pad. Players can use the D-pad and switch to the unconventional button layout used in the Joycon.A rapid fire turbo mode is also included. Hori also revealed the arcade fighting stick that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch console.

The Hori Pad costs about $27 while the arcade stick is priced at $134.