WhatsApp is Getting Cute Little Stickers and More Details on Live Location Sharing

WhatsApp Little Stickers

For a very long time, the developers of WhatsApp didn’t try to make the app look appealing to youngsters and those who love something creative in the greenish app that has been the go to communication for millions worldwide.

Google has been notorious when it comes to launching new apps and later just removing them off the play store. Recently, they brought in Allo and Duo apps. The text messaging solution Allo had the most amazing stickers and these stickers are also widely popular in Hike, Line, WeChat among all the most popular choices available for users. WhatsApp is going to finally join the fray by introducing cute little stickers. And, when they do so we hope they would bring in smiley and cartoons based on popular movie characters, Marvel DC heroes among other crowd pullers. That should make the app much less boring and not too professional like!

WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

WhatsApp developers are also working on introducing structured messages, pinned chats and translation services that would make it the best platform available for all business users. If they could segregate those from the average user who love to talk to friends and family in the most expressive way, it would be a welcome relief especially with pinned chats. The team has also revealed some extensive details about how live location sharing would work.

They have already revealed that live location will have all the essential privacy settings so that it don’t  end up being a nuisance and allow stalkers to come behind you. You can choose to display it only to a group of friends, a specific group or one person. Based on your preferences, your location will be shared only with select people and not everyone. The latest update clarifies that when a person chooses to switch off their live location sharing feature, the last spotted area will be marked in light grey.

WhatsApp Little Stickers

It will not move further once switched off and in case one has to find that person, they can look up the grey area to know their last spot. The idea is similar to last seen online feature available in WhatsApp using which you can see the time when they were last using the app and were connected to the internet. While it is still a long way to go, WhatsApp live location is sure to become hugely popular as it will make it easy to find your friends, mark a spot to form a group there or simply use it as a safety measure for young children, women or anyone who has to go alone to a new spot.