Nintendo Switch JoyCon Sync Problems, Nintendo’s Response

Nintendo Switch JoyCon

Many owners of Nintendo Switch have complained about the JoyCon controller of the console, regarding its connectivity problems.

Users are wondering how to fix the problem of the left controller’s sync problems, even after the company has offered its initial system update for the device.

Nintendo Switch

The Issue

The problem of connectivity with the JoyCon of the Nintendo Switch occurs when the player uses the television mode and when the signal for the control goes through an interruption. For instance, this interruption could occur when someone stands in between the Nintendo Switch and the JoyCon. The result is that the left controller drops the connection and stops showing response.

Nintendo’s Response

Nintendo has responded to the issue with the statement saying that they have also received reports regarding the above issue and are looking into the problem. Just as they have always been monitoring their video games before, Nintendo will monitor the hardware performance as well as software performance of the Nintendo Switch regularly and make all required improvements whenever it is necessary. The company has also said in its statement that players requiring assistance related to the hardware or the software of the Nintendo Switch can visit the following site:

Players’ Problems

Not all players have experienced on the Nintendo Switch. Some of them who have faced the problem of the JoyCon connection have mentioned in their Twitter posts that the problem still exists. Some claim that if used behind the back, the Joycon becomes spotty if the person is not present in the room. Other posts are also connected with problems in connection and sync, especially concerning the left JoyCon. In brief, the left JoyCon buttons do not seem to be responding.

Sync Problems

Even before the release of the Nintendo Switch, Kirk Hamilton had mentioned the left JoyCon issue in the Switch review of Kotaku. He stated that he had run into a frustrating problem when the left JoyCon loses tracking, not responding to inputs of the player. He states that he was playing the game Zelda using the two JoyCons and witnessed the left thumbstick getting detached from the gameplay. Even other staffers of Kotaku as well as others reviewing the Nintendo Switch have mentioned the sync problems of the Nintendo Switch JoyCon.

Problem in Game?

However, it is very strage that in the handheld mode, the Super Bomberman R game also seems to experience the lag problem in above clipping. This has led to the speculation that the problem could be with the game and not the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon

Weak Signal Strength

According to Digital Foundry, they have examined the problem and state that the signal strength was not as strong as that of usual game controllers. It is also strange that there is difference in between the two JoyCons, as the right JoyCon comes with only two differences in its specifications, namely the additional infrared pointer and the NFC chip. Other than these two differences, the two controllers are not different.

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