Samsung Galaxy S8 to Sport Bezel Free Infinity Display, Trending of Big Screens

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung will be using the term Infinity Display for its bezel free display screen coming to the Galaxy S8, according to the latest trademark filing of the company’s new smartphones.

The trademark will be mostly covering its mobile phones according to the USPTO listing. However, it could also cover Samsung televisions, which might also feature a similar characteristic.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Big Screens Trending

The latest trend in smartphones is bigger screens. Though this has been a trend over the past few years, this year manufacturers are producing mobile handsets that come with a larger screen leaving a smaller overall footprint.

LG was one of the first to move in this direction, introducing a bigger display in a smaller body. The LG G6 was revealed at the MWC in Spain and featured a Full Vision screen display, introducing the new ration of 18:9. However, LG is not the only manufacturer offering this type of design, as the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the Apple iPhone 8 coming up later on this year will also sport a larger display occupying most of the front portion of the smartphone.

Galaxy S8 Unveiling

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be revealed on the 29th of March. There has been a lot of news regarding the features of the upcoming phone and it has also been viewed through the recent exclusive by BGR.

Trademark Filing

However, the latest trademark filing by the company shows that the Galaxy S8 will come with the Infinity Display feature. Though this is not the first time that the rumors are doing the rounds, the documentation offers credence to the rumor that Samsung will indeed be using the term for describing their bezel less smartphones of the future.

Galaxy S8 Design

There is already a lot of news regarding the screen design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. An official rendering was leaked recently and also BGR showed some exclusive images of the S8. In addition, some of the accessory manufacturers of the phone have shown the Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen protector at the Mobile World Conference in Spain. These displays have matched the earlier leaks about the Galaxy S8 screen.

Relatively Compact

Some leaked images of the Galaxy S8, for instance the image posted by Evan Blass, match the speculation around the device. The images offer a clear look into the infinite display, covering more than 80% if the phone’s front panel. Samsung has kept the Galaxy S8 relatively compact by trimming the bezels of the phone. However, this move could be problematic to users.

Samsung Galaxy S7

All Screen Design

The All Screen design is a hot and trending feature in smartphones, but it could result in an increase in the prices of the phone and also cause some usability problems. A bezel less phone is more challenging to manage, as the user could inadvertently activate the display. The phone might also become less robust, as the screen becomes more likely to be shattered when dropped, as it has been moved to the very edge. The designing of the protective case will also have to be more complicated.

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