Nintendo Switch May Ditch Touchscreen, Skyrim Not Confirmed Yet

Nintendo Switch

The big news in the gaming industry is the new Nintendo Switch console announced by the company that is known making some of the iconic hardware in the past.

While Microsoft and Sony continue to fight against each other in the console race, Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U consoles created an audience base of its own. Even people who never owned a console went for a gaming PC and a Wii because of its unique motion sensor controllers. Nintendo continued to revitalize the market with their innovative ideas and this time it is no different.

Nintendo Switch console

Sony unofficially ditched the PS Vita handheld console and strongly believes that gaming on the go is dead. They claim that smartphones and tablets have replaced handheld consoles. But, it is one of the most absurd claims in recent times. The games on mobiles devices are hardly titles that allow any sort of gaming. They are mostly click to move or pay to win titles that are rehashes of popular names like FIFA, Simpsons among other brands.

However, the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita still has the best titles one could actually call as a gaming experience. During the official launch, the company didn’t confirm whether their new console would feature a touchscreen. It probably should have the feature to allow easy navigation but they refused to comment at the moment. The console is scheduled for launch in March next year and with months to go, the people behind the launch have decided to keep somethings under wraps than revealing them all.

Innovation is abundant in the Nintendo Switch console. Players can connect it to the television using a dock and play on a big screen. While on the go, it is possible to play with the joy con grip attached to the screen. Another option is to place the screen on any flat surface and remove the joy con controllers to play like you already do on the Wii and Wii U consoles.

Nintendo Switch

Bethesda on the other end said they do not have confirmed plans to bring Skyrim remastered to the new Nintendo Switch console. The decision is pending. It was however featured in the trailer and gave hope that the company might finally allow third party developers to make games for them. Such an amazing handheld console could become the most innovative product of the decade, if they allow all big developers to launch their own games on Switch, not just Mario and Zelda.

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