Nintendo Switch May Never Get VR, Here’s Why

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the hot and happening console right now which has sold over 4.7 million units since its launch in the month of March.

The console is a huge success for the company which witnessed a huge setback during the Wii U era. Most customers and industry experts may claim that Nintendo is the most successful company of all time. However, if you ask the top executives in the team they would willingly admit that they had witnessed enough failures. The big hurdles could have closed the company down if not for the continuing sales and the powerful first party titles they have.

A VR Failure that Still Lingers

Microsoft never ventured into the world of virtual reality because the company loved augmented reality more and introduced the Kinect camera. It worked well to a certain extent but the company was later forced to remove it from the bundle so as to make the console more powerful to handle games in higher resolutions.

Nintendo Switch microsoft

Similarly, Sony launched PS Move which allowed interaction with games without using controllers. They even have the PS VR headset which costs as much as the PS4 console itself and is going with a lukewarm response. Nintendo Switch the third big player in the market is quite aware of situation and most importantly, didn’t want to face failure as they did back in the 90s.

Nintendo launched the Virtual Boy which was way ahead of the time in the 1990s. A virtual reality headset that never took off due to lot of issues and according to the company’s top executives the problems still exist with no possible solution in sight.

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VR is Not Social or Family Friendly

The big reason why the Nintendo Switch will never get virtual reality support is that the setup is not fun and doesn’t have any social impact on gamers. “Any technology that needs to take off on a big level needs support from gamers and their families. VR doesn’t sound fun now and in the near future because it detaches people from the external world, not involve different persons into one,” commented Fils-Aime.

Nintendo Switch May Never Get VR

Despite all the failures, Nintendo witnessed amazing success with the 3DS console that allowed people to experience 3D images without using glasses. When a favorable situation arrives, VR will be introduced on the home console but probably not on the Nintendo Switch because it lacks the hardware power to support it.

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