Nintendo Switch Source Code Suggests VR Support, Can it Run it?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch doesn’t feature the best hardware specifications in the market and it’s no surprise, because the company Nintendo has never tried to compete with PS4 or the Xbox One’s hardware.

The games, mostly first party titles like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey feature cartoon like graphics that they don’t demand the best of Nvidia or AMD hardware. Third party titles on the Switch console continue to be a far fetched dream as the company is not open enough to accept other publishers in. Electronic Arts will publish FIFA 18 which is one of the very few, well-known games to make its way to the platform.

VR for Nintendo Switch

With a scenario like this, it was extremely surprising and very doubtful when a security consultant Cody Brocious confirmed that he had spotted VR code in Nintendo Switch’s source code for the operating system. He made the post on Twitter letting everyone know he had found something related to virtual reality support. Most people instantly reverted back, asking him to double check the fact and see whether it is probably an Android code.

Nintendo Switch VR Support

Brocious did some verifications and once again tweeted, confirming the fact that it is not an Android code in any way and is Nintendo Switch’s source code. The operating system had strings with the words VR and the code he found is part of the appletOE IPC interface. “I can definitely confirm that it 100% the code that is used to run the Nintendo Switch console and I can say that there is a 90% possibility that virtual reality might just arrive in the console at some point in the future.”

Limited Hardware

He added that it could be more of a partial VR support rather than the full experience provided through the PS4 console and the PS VR headset. Similarly, there is the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for immersive PC gaming which requires a lot of hardware power. The specifications of the Nintendo Switch console is extremely poor as it runs games at just 720p on its display and boosts up to 1080p when hooked to the dock.

Nintendo Switch source code

Can the Nintendo Switch console actually run games in virtual reality? Sounds like a far cry when compared to what the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro Consoles offer. Nintendo may even launch a peripheral or an additional device to support VR a year or so later, if we are to make a guess right away.

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