Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controller after 4.0 Update

Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controller after 4.0 Update

Nintendo Switch rolled out the massive 4.0 update on their newest console and with that, the developers introduced a lot of most wanted features.

For a very long time, the Nintendo platform has continued to be a place which is limited on features but the concept is changing with the new Switch console. The company in their recent update added a bunch load of features including the ability to connect wireless headphones when in docked mode, allows players to transfer data to a new system and also enabled video capture support.

Reddit users who are often known for their curiosity managed to find this wireless headphone feature that works through USB and even supported the PS4 headset. In a similar fashion, it has now been identified that the 4.0 update adds support for the GameCube controller. But, in order to make this retro device work with your latest console you need to purchase the Wii U adapter sold in the past.

Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube

The particular adapter was marketed by the company during the Super Smash Bros for Wii U to allow players to make use of an old GameCube controller that might be lying around in their house. Once you plug in the adapter into the console, open the settings menu and press the L & R buttons together. The pairing will happen and it should work seamlessly even though the controller is decades old by now.

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Being an old device, the GameCube controller doesn’t have a Z button on the left-hand side which make it difficult to use it some games. It also makes it very difficult to come back to the home screen menu on the Switch console but if you are really keen on going all retro, this should hardly pose a problem.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has acquired the top position as the best-selling console in the past few months in the United States pushing Xbox One and Playstation 4 to the other two positions.With the 4.0 update, the console has become highly reliable especially considering the wide range of functionalities that it can handle now.

The Switch also supports multiple profiles available on the same system by providing a news feed that is fully customizable according to the profile that is active in the gaming console. Match version with local users is an option that automatically updates all installed games to the latest version and there is no need for each individual user to do it.

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