Nissan Teases Electric SUV Ahead of Tokyo Reveal

Nissan Teases Electric SUV Ahead of Tokyo Reveal

The Tokyo auto expo is really close by and the automobile manufacturers have started showcasing their concepts before the official reveal.

Nissan joins the list by showing their electric SUV concept before the auto expo.

From the way the video has been designed, it looks like Nissan is extremely confident and proud of their creation. The video was not officially available for everyone earlier because it was screened only for those who are present in Tokyo to attend the event. However, they later uploaded it on Youtube. The size of the car can be guessed based on the robotic arms that are building it.

While the teaser image is very limited, it is still easy to confirm that the electric SUV sports a coupe-like roofline. The front fascia of the car is wide as expected while there are large square lines that run all the way up the headlights and till the bottom of the front bumper. Nissan’s traditional four-sided grille which the company has launched with the new Leaf has been integrated in this electric concept car.

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Towards the end of the video, the automobile brand has offered a teasing look by providing a quick glance of the car’s shape. The overall design looks very sleek and more like a coupe than a large SUV which usually puts off buyers looking to own an easy-to-drive car. The rear end of the Nissan electric SUV concept doesn’t have any bells and whistles. The designers have left it as it is, with a clean rear end fitted with horizontal tail lights and a long, flat rear window.

Nissan Teases Electric SUV

With all the top manufacturers going towards an electrified future, Nissan wants to do the same. The brand is all set to show the progress they have made in the electrified department. In the video, the narrator says that Intelligent Mobility is what Nissan’s primary focus with all their future models. Instead of going with hybrid or plug-in powertrains, they show keen interest in going fully electric and possibly fully autonomous once the technology is perfected.

Surprisingly, Nissan didn’t completely reveal the electric SUV concept during the private event. Instead, they have reserved most of the important announcements to be made during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Once the event begins, a lot of new cars from almost every automobile company from around the globe will make their presence felt at the expo through innovative ideas, designs and models that are usually expected to hit stores next year.

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