Nintendo Switch Sans Video Streaming Services, Lifting the Lid

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch reveal has not offered much detail regarding the price or the availability.

This is possibly because the company is busy adjusting the UI. However, Nicalis, an indie developer has dropped some details about the gaming console in his latest tweets.

Features Revealed

Nintendo Switch Revealed

The tweet is not there anymore, but from the screenshot seen above, some of the features of the Nintendo Switch have been revealed. For instance, it will now be possible to swap among several users. This means that a player can have several user profiles and store it even while on the go.

User Interface

The image also shows that the user interface will be darker. However, according to Engadget, it is possible that the darkness is due to the night mode or dark mode of the camera. It is, therefore, possible that the Nintendo Switch will come with a 3DS kind of themes for menu. The image upload has led to speculation that there will be two additional games for the Nintendo Switch. The two new games are Cave Story and the 1001 Spikes, both of which are from developer Nicalis.

More Titles

There are also some more titles that are in the development stage for the Nintendo Switch. This is good news, as more people will be willing to adopt the console with a bigger ecosystem. As of now, there will be two games coming with the Switch, namely, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; and 1-2 Switch. The latter game will be a platform for viewing the abilities of the Nintendo Switch.

No Video Streaming Service

All this implies that there will be little to do with the Nintendo Switch console to begin with. However, it is a new gaming console and the ecosystem will soon be populated. A question and answer session conducted with Kotaku has shown that the Nintendo Switch will not have any video applications. It will be a dedicated platform for video gaming, but will not offer any support for streaming videos, at least at the time of the launch. However, the company is considering offering support for video streaming with an update in the future. So as of now, gamers cannot stream any video content from other providers on to the Nintendo Switch.

New Concept

Nintendo initially announced its new console, the Nintendo Switch in October last year. The company was planning to go in for a new concept and the details are slowly being revealed.

Nintendo Switch

Price, Release and Other Details

It is expected to come at a price of around $300 and will be released on March 3rd of this year. It will also have a paid online service, which will be launched on a trial basis. The pricing for the service has not yet been announced. There will also be no regional lockdowns on the gaming console, which is itself a big break from convention as far as Nintendo is concerned. The battery life of the console is around 2.5 hours to 6 hours and you can charge it using USB C. There will also be portable accessories, so that you can charge it while on the go.

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