Nintendo Switch Sells 1.5 Million Devices, 3DS& 2DS Sales Set a New Record in 2017

Nintendo Switch Sells 1.5 Million Devices 2DS Sales Set a New Record in 2017

The Nintendo Switch console has been repeatedly making news for being the most popular and fast selling gaming console of 2017.

Despite all the attention it has been receiving, the other devices the 3DS which was launched way back in 2011 is still going good in terms of sales.

Nintendo Switch recently made heads turn with its DIY card that is plain cardboard but can be constructed into shapes and will seamlessly integrate with the joy con controllers to provide a cool augmented reality experience. While it received some criticism, majority of the buyers are glad they are making more items to indulge kids in fun activities and physical gaming experience as the Wii did. The Xbox One or the PS4 console doesn’t promote such titles ever as it focuses more on virtual reality or controller based gaming that is usually done sitting on the couch.

Nintendo Switch Sells 1.5 Million Devices, 3DS& 2DS Sales Set a New Record in 2017

Surprisingly, it is not only the Switch console that has been making waves in the sales department. The company confirmed that since 2014, the 3DS and the 2DS consoles witnessed the best sales in so many years in the month of December, 2017. According to NPD sales reports, they sold a combined total of 750,000 systems. The 2DS and 3DS have come together to contribute to this massive number which was achieved in a short span of just one year in 2017. The increase is massive as it is 27 percent more than what Nintendo sold within the same period in 2016.

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The 3DS console was launched a very long time ago considering the way gaming industry has improved in recent years. However, its simplicity and exclusive titles have led to a huge boost allowing Nintendo to sell about 69 million units throughout the world but still lags behind the Nintendo DS which sold 154 million devices so far. Their Game Boy is equally huge with 118 million units sold around the world.

Nintendo Switch Sells 1.5 Million Devices, 3DS Set a New Record in 2017

You can buy a brand new Nintendo 3DS console today for $199.99 while the 3DS XL sells for $149.99. The 2DS XL and 2DS bundles are sold for as less as $79.99 making it the cheapest as well as the most portable console you could buy easily in the market today. More games are heading to the device in 2018 including Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, Kirby Battle Royale and Detective Pikachu keeping it alive as ever while the Switch has crossed PS4, Xbox One sales during the holiday season in 2017.

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