Whatsapp Officially Launched New Business Edition with Message Analytics


Whatsapp has eventually become the go to app for business communication and the developers are going to support it officially.

An update was rolled out this week with plenty of features to make it easy to communicate for small businesses.

A lot of businesses are moving to Whatsapp to respond to their customers in a timely manner and to make it easy to manage their employee group. While people are already using it for years now, the developers want to enhance the experience with a couple of business specific features. By doing so, they retain all their users and also make the app as the primary platform for personal as well as business communications leading to more revenue prospects.

Whatsapp Officially Launched New Business Edition

Titled as Whatsapp Business, the app aims to make it easy for customers to identify that it belongs to a brand and will have a detailed description of the product or service provider it is associated with. A lot of new messaging tools are being introduced with the application to make it easier to answer questions, create a FAQ section and also create template messages so as to greet customers as soon as they sign up for the service with their phone number.

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A detailed statistic is always required for businesses to operate efficiently and it will now be provided with the help of message analytics. Once the new update is rolled out, users will be able to make use of the simple metrics system available on the app to see the total number of messages that got read. The Whatsapp Web edition will also be optimized so that a person can represent the business and manage all the incoming, outgoing messages with the convenience of a desktop computer.

Whatsapp Officially Launched New Business Edition with Message Analytics

The business version of the app will be fully integrated with the web version so that it is easy to manage and also manage large quantities of incoming content. A new account type will be introduced allowing companies to represent themselves as a brand and to provide customer service. The business account will make it easier for people to know they can get their questions answered and also to avoid spam. A business phone number will be used for all the communication and once it receives a verified green tick, it will always be safe to interact with.

Whatsapp for Business is not an individual app but it’s the same app with all new features and the team expects their user base to become much stronger with this implementation.

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