Nissan 370z Coupe Gets 2018 Upgrades with New Look

The Nissan 370z Coupe is an ideal sports car with all the features and the performance any buyer would expect of it.

Instead of changing it rapidly, the designers have come up with some unique changes to its design and features for the year 2018.

The revamped 370Z Coupe is definitely going to blow everyone off with its very stylish looks. The designers have worked hard to ensure the car looks brand new. The cosmetic changes are plenty and the new coupe variant now seems to be a pretty competent model to go against the Porsche 718 Cayman and the Jaguar F-Type.

Nissan 370z Coupe

At first look, you will easily spot that the door handles and the rear bumper feature a dark black color tone. The car now has tinted head lamps and rear lamps in all variants including the entry level model. The sporty finish is further boosted by the inclusion of 19-inch alloy wheels which appropriately compliments the red exterior finish. However, the red paint is an optional choice that buyers could go for only if they find it to their liking.

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The infotainment system in the Nissan 370z Coupe model has received significant improvements as well. The dashboard is now dominated by a large 7-inch touchscreen. It now provides full support for satellite navigation making it easy for the driver to their find their route. It comes bundled with a DVD player for your music and maybe movies too along with a rear view camera. The Rear View camera is a standard component found in all Nissan GT and Nismo models.

2018 Nissan 370z Coupe new look

The team behind the 2018 370z Coupe didn’t find it necessary to tweak or revamp the powertrain within. Under the hood, you will still find the same 3.7-liter V6 engine which can produce up to 324 horsepower. They have made some tweaks though! The six speed manual gearbox is equipped with an EXEDY high performance clutch which is much more responsive and makes driving fun.

When everything is put together, the car offers a refined gear, clutch and suspension system. It makes the Nissan 370z Coupe a sporty car that is high on performance while offering the best of comfort for the passengers. The model is already available in dealership stores for buyers in the UK with a price tag of £29,185. It does fall under the slightly expensive category but is still an affordable sports car from Nissan for most buyers.

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