Nissan and Renault Team Up with Microsoft to Use Cloud Data

Renault-Nissan and Microsoft team up

Nissan and Renault has signed a long term partnership with Microsoft to make use of their Azure cloud platform.

The collaboration is an attempt to push connected vehicles further into the mainstream market. It should enable buyers to easily share data between their cars, transfer collected information from one vehicle to another and even use Microsoft Office on their cars! Bringing work to the road is not something anyone would admire but if it could save time and get some things done on the go, it should be good right?

Nissan and Renault Use Cloud Data

Microsoft during a recent press conference announced that they have signed up for a long term partnership with Nissan and Renault. With their Azure cloud platform, the company facilitates the brands’ car to collect a wide variety of data including gas usage, speed, temperature, navigation data and other elements.

It was also confirmed during the event that vehicles equipped with Azure technology will be available in the market from 2018 onwards. Connected cars are the need of the hour as they help multiple brands communicate with one another and share data. The crucial aspect is that it also allows drivers to be notified of obstacles, traffic congestion and other vital data. Passengers are also concerned about fact that such important data shared through the cloud is prone to hacking.

Besides, Microsoft has also provided assurance that they have no plans to retain the data generated by Nissan and Renault cars. Instead, they will be processed on a regular basis to make it easier for the vehicles to communicate with one another leading to autonomous driving technology. The company has signed up for a long term deal while they are also looking forward to fully implement Office suite software into cars and deliver over the air updates.

Renault-Nissan and Microsoft team up

The three big companies, Microsoft, Apple and Google are extremely interested in automobile technology. After saturating the computer and smartphone market, these brands are tapping the potential of cars that are in dire need of a technology upgrade. Connecting them with one another requires cloud technology, big data sharing and the ability to pass vital information even if another car on the road doesn’t belong to the same manufacturer.

An Apple iCar is being rumored for a long time and recently the company tried to acquire McLaren to promote their automobile wing. They may associate with other auto brands like Microsoft to implement Siri and other Apple tech.

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