No Android Nougat for OnePlus 2: Wishful Thinking Finally Over

Android 7.0 Nougat Update

OnePlus has confirmed that the latest version of Android, Android Nougat, will not be available for the OnePlus 2 smartphones.

The wishful thinking of users of the OnePlus 2 finally comes to an end. The company has made an official confirmation that the Android N will not be delivered to the OnePlus 2 devices, after promising for almost two years that it would offer support for the same.

End of Wishful Thinking

However, OnePlus has been claiming that its customer service center had been informing users that the OnePlus 2 would not receive Android N, for quite some time now. The company seems to be happy with their present software and have confirmed that the next version of Android, Android O, will be available for the OnePlus 3 and for the OnePlus 3T. The company claims that the news is not new and that customers of the OnePlus 2 were well aware about it for quite some time now.

OnePlus 3


However, it seems that there were many users of the OnePlus 2 who still continued to hope that the Android N would be available for their devices. This hope continued to be expressed in forums right up to the end of May this year. It is possible that some users were aware of the non-delivery of Android N, but there does seem to be some kind of lack of communication.

It could have been much easier and simple for the company to put up the official statement regarding Android N for OnePLus 2 on the forums or even tweeting about it.

Why No Update

When OnePlus was asked why the OnePlus 2 would not be getting the Android N update, the company stated that while building the device, the company did not possess the team for software infrastructure that it had now. The company is probably alluding to the joining of the Hydrogen and the Oxygen teams and stating that this is the reason why the OnePlus 2 will not be able to receive the Android Nougat update.

Android 7.0 Nougat Update

Disappointed Users

However, users of the OnePlus 2 will surely be disappointed. The streamlining of the two teams had been done in order to offer users updates more quickly. Now, OnePlus 2 is being called a dated smartphone and will not receive the Android update that it was promised all this time. This happens all the time with several companies apart from OnePlus. They promise updates for a device but don’t live up to the promise. OnePlus seems to be more focused on latest flagship devices, the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T. It is attempting to sell these latest flagship devices and the predecessors, like the OnePlus 2, are sure to be left behind.

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