No Man’s Sky – What New Features Can You Expect After the Foundation Update?

No Man's Sky

Very recently, Hello Games, developer of the popular No Man’s Sky announced a foundation update to the game.

This led to the introduction of various new features that added to the excitement of playing. Surprisingly,while most popular console games focus on action, the concept here is scientific fiction. Supported on PS4, the sci-fi game deals with exploring an endless galaxy and finding out how to survive in it. First released in August 2016, the game recently underwent the foundation update. As the name indicates, this is about getting the basic things set for upcoming inclusions. It also marks the first out of various other free updates that you can expect in future from No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky

Highlights of the Foundation Update

Now that the foundation update is live, players can witness a slew of changes in the game. These changes are not only bound to make gamers happier, but also pose a whole lot of new challenges. Post this update, you will be able to add a foundation to base buildings, buy new freighters and use a newly introduced teleporter in your base to explore a solar system that you have been to before. You can also employ aliens to design weapons for you, carry out construction work and even fake blueprints. But, when you use their services, you must be ready to undertake the missions that the aliens ask you to do. Automated harvesters prove to be of great help by collecting resources for you from mineral deposits when you are not around. The inside of your freighters can be customized and extended cargo holds can be built to enhance the capacity of your vessel, apart from cultivating crops generated from uncommon resources. These rare resources can be gathered by creating the newly introduced Hazmat and Advanced Mining Laser gauntlets when you set up your base.

Some other noteworthy changes includes reduction of average frequency of building activity, increased plant life in all terrains, increased and decreased proportion of lush and tropical planets and lifeless planets respectively, new ship weapons, inclusion of formation flying, many modifications to freighters and space combats.


Farming also takes a new tangent after the update. You can either cultivate your crops on your own or hire the services of a farming specialist. Put your green thumbs to work by cultivating outdoor crops that are biome dependent or use a hydroponic lab to grow crops inside your established base or freighter. Over a period of time, your plants will grow and supply you with resources to be harvested for future use. With the help of a farming specialist, you can perform a research on plant types before cultivation. The specialist can help you grow ten plants that you have not grown so far. These plants assist you in discovering innovative resources that will prove to be beneficial as the game progresses.

Three different game modes

Apart from the above modifications, the key change that the foundation update has resulted in is that you can now enjoy playing your favorite No Man’s Sky in three modes. Each of these modes has its own set of rules for you to comply with in the course of the game. The first mode is the normal mode which is basically the same version prior to the update and gives you the exploration experience.

The second option is the creative mode that allows you to set up a huge base for yourself and explore the universe without any set limits. Apart from finding an uninhabited base and a planet that you can claim for yourself, you can also decorate the base using the resources you have collected in the course of the game. For example, you can make use of modular structures to create a homestead to provide your shelter. Alternatively, when you find a location that you like better than your homestead, you can dismantle the later and refund the resources spent on it. Last but not the least, you can accommodate storage containers in your base to store your valuable resources and unusual products. You will have no fear of dying when you play No Man’s Sky in this mode. In contrast, playing in this mode blesses you with infinite health. True to its name, choosing this game option gives you access to never ending resources that you can use in course of your exploring and building pursuits. Waypoints come in handy here and you can color code and place them wherever you wish to help the explorer in you get back to a discovery that you had to leave part way for some reason.

No Man's Sky New Features

With the final survival mode, the game takes a new turn altogether by presenting more complex challenges and endurances. In this mode, you must be prepared to encounter various death screens. In a nutshell, this mode can prove to be just the reverse of the previous mode. Undoubtedly, survival mode is the right choice for those who want to add a little more zest to their play. You can also place save points anywhere in your camp that prove to be important in this mode.

To make it easier for you to face the tougher challenges more effortlessly, Hello Games has taken pains to ensure that the inventory is more streamlined than it was earlier. Also, the user interface has been made easier to comprehend and navigate through.

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