No Queues in Front of Store on Apple iPhone 8 Launch Day

Apple iPhone 8 launch day

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus witnessed the most embarrassing launch in Apple history because the stores usually get tens of people queuing up three days before to grab hold of the phone.

For the first time,there was nothing of that sort and it was more like anyone could walk in to buy the phone.

The launch took place in Australia where nothing happened as exciting as it used to be. iPhone launches are usually a festival affair where hundreds queue up outside the store. When the iPhone 7 launched in China, people stood in line for hours and even purchased the phones only to sell them for a high price to those who were not patient enough to wait.

Apple iPhone 8

When the Apple store in Sydney, Australia opened up it was a completely muted affair. It is evident that the iPhone X has took all the importance out of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Besides, both phones are very little upgrades when compared to the existing models and most users don’t have any reason to make the upgrade. According to reports, only 30 people stood outside the store on launch day and they obviously had no issues to just walk in to buy the phone within an hour or less.

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Apple’s Sydney store located on George street is a connecting point in the particular region and one of the areas which often bustles with activity. iPhone launches used to attract a lot of attention back in the days but with just 30 people or even less, people have lost interest in owning those products because they don’t offer anything new to users.

Apple iPhone 8 look

In other news, Apple iPhone X has gained significant attention for going with a bezel less design and all new-wireless charging powered by the brand new iOS 11 operating system. Despite all the good things, the phone is too expensive not just for the average buyer but even for those who have excess cash to spend. The phone itself costs $1000 and when you have to buy accessories including a fast charge, it goes all the way up to $1400 or so in order to experience the features Apple talked about during the launch event.

Does the company really expect people to spend so much on a phone whereas Android offers the same for such low costs and much better performance? We will know once iPhone X global rollout is complete.

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