Nokia 3310 3G Edition Launched in Australia, Coming Soon to Other Regions This October

Nokia 3310 3G Edition Coming Soon October

For a very long time, ardent fans of brand Nokia were asking for a 3G version of their favorite smartphone.

Responding to this request, HMD has finally responded and has launched the Nokia 3310 3G edition making the feature phone as smart as it could get.

The feature phone was launched first in Australia which is surprising considering the fact that the company has a huge fan following in the United States, Brazil and India among many other regions. While the phone is available for immediate purchase in Australia, it has been confirmed that within a month’s time it will soon be rolled out in all territories so as to appease Nokia fans.

Times have changed since the original 3310 from Nokia got launched because 4G connectivity is prevalently available even in the most restricted countries of them all. In developed regions like US, UK and Canada, there is very little availability of 2G network as majority of cellular carriers have upgraded to 3G networks. Customers were requesting the Finnish manufacturer to come up with a newer phone that would support 3G network and they have responded to it much earlier than expected.

Compared to smartphones, a feature phone like the Nokia 3310 is very reliable because of the immense battery life they provide. Instead of running out of juice within a day’s time, these phones run for an entire week and can stay for an entire month on standby mode. The newly launched phone is available four different colors including Yellow, Warm Red, Azure and Charcoal variants. All these phones have a matte finish which prolongs the durability of the device and they even sport shiny, new silver keypads.

Nokia 3310 3G Edition Launched

The original Nokia 3310 is an extremely popular smartphone of the times because there was no other device that could be as rugged as this one. It could even withstand an earthquake, people used to say so and one of the cheapest variants you could just pick off the store. In the new age when battery life is a continued problem, the phone with 3G connectivity comes as a welcome addition.

The 3310 3G edition offers 6.5 hours of continuous talk time, can be on standby for about 27 days and definitely something you can rely on. The device is priced at €69 and will be available widely in the mid of October. Pricing will be competitive and according to market requirements as Nokia phones have always been.

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