Nokia 6.1 Plus Receives Official TWRP Update; Now You Can Expand the Phone’s Capabilities

Nokia 6.1 Plus

HMD Global’s Nokia 6.1 Plus users can now download and install the TWRP app on their devices. The app is available on the Play Store.

The Team Win Recovery Program or TWRP update, once installed on the device, gives you additional tools with which the smartphone may be used to do more than what it is generally used for. It works as a mod and the installation of TWRP allows you to alter the ROM and perform functions not possible with the phone otherwise.

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However, the one benefit that knowledgeable users gain from TWRP is recovery operations. In the process of handling your mobile, if you have made an error and lost data, you can introduce a new ROM and after taking a backup of the files on your device, you can restore the phone to recover the lost files. The other use of TWRP is to do a factory reset of your phone.

TWRP gives the users another advantage when it comes to the data privacy. Whenever apps are downloaded, they seek permission to access your location and other data. The normal tendency is to click ‘Yes’ since the app’s main functions may be required badly. At a certain point, you may want to revoke the permissions. You can fix the permissions via the TWRP route. This will ensure the status quo ante is restored. The apps may have to come back to ask the permissions once again and you can be more vigilant and select ‘Yes’ only to those apps which you consider safe to grant such permissions.

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Downloading and use of TWRP is best left to the experts. People with a thorough knowledge of how these changes are made to the mobiles, how the Root is to be managed and so on, will be able to handle the instructions better that someone who does not have the same level of knowledge and understanding.

In the case of the Nokia 6.1 Plus, the device gets recognized by its codename ‘DRG’. This is important while choosing the device from the list appearing on the official TWRP app. If you don’t find the TWRP application in Play Store in your device, then the only other place you must go is the TWRP website.