Nokia 8 Specifications, Release Date and What to Expect in the Flagship?

Nokia 8

The flagship smartphone, the Nokia 8 is ready to hit dealership stores anytime in the following days and it is hard to not get excited about this.

The company had done a great job in keeping expectations low and has priced all the entry level, mid-range phones reasonably that their flagship could be on the right track as well.

The major rumors that surround the Nokia 8 is related to its hardware specifications. After all, that’s what make a flagship phone sound relevant and a huge success when it gets launched. The phone is expected to sport a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. While another 5.3-inch model is rumored similar to how Samsung and Apple has two different flagship models, it is more of a rumor at this point than a confirmed release.

Nokia 8 dlsr camera

Obviously, the company will go with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor combined with 4GB of RAM or possibly another variant with 6GB of RAM to keep apps running snappy. With the best processor and so much of RAM, users should be able to keep a lot of applications open at the same time and work without any signs of slowing down. While all existing models use a micro USB port, being a flagship most, the Nokia 8 should go for Type C so that it is on par with other smartphone manufacturers. Besides, the port choice will also make the device future proof and easy to use.

Storage choices will be at 32GB, 64GB choices and with Nokia providing a micro SD slot on all its models, it won’t be surprising if the flagship model features one too. The source that leaked the specifications of the smartphone didn’t confirm the presence of a SD card slot but even if it is not present, the storage should be ample for the average user unless you are going to carry large amounts of data on your device. The phone will sport a non-removable battery as does many others these days.

Nokia 8 Carl Zeiss

The smartphone manufacturer is partnering with Carl Zeiss once again to produce the lens for the rumored 22.6 megapixel camera to be used in the Nokia 8 flagship device. A dual 13 megapixel camera setup is expected to be used in the rear side of the smartphone allowing users to take photographs with depth and on par with an entry level DSLR camera. Both Samsung and Apple had already achieved it with their dual camera setup. Considering the price tag, Nokia should deliver on the camera front so as to convince users to go with the Android phone they offer. It is expected to be launched by August.

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