Xbox Deals with Gold Lists Mirror’s Edge, King’s Quest and Megaman Collection

Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

Microsoft has listed the games for the week.

The deals with gold for Xbox One console lists some interesting titles which should probably make gamers of every genre happy.

The Major Nelson blog has confirmed that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the latest in the series along with King’s Quest the Complete Collection and Megaman Legacy Collection are the three games for the week. The offers are now open as part of the Deals with Gold program which will be available till July 25th. You will have enough time to buy all these games at a heavily discounted price tag. Open world adventure lovers should obviously go with Mirror’s Edge but the other two titles would easily fall in the adventure genre as well.

With a solid 50% discount, the King’s Quest is an easy pick as it merges the best of RPG and exploration in a single game. The Catalyst is available with an impressive 75% offer while the Mega Man collection comes with 60% discount. Apart from these games, a lot of other titles are being sold with great discounts as part of the Spotlight Sale. All these titles are available for the Xbox One console.

The most prominent titles that you could get during the Spotlight sale are Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Premium Editions, Dance Central Spotlight addons packs, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, Duck Dynasty, Flatout 4 Total Insanity, Sherlock Holmes the Devil’s Daughter, The Escapists and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 among others. There’s also an amazing 80% discount on World Rally Championship 5 Esports Edition and a 60% discount on WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship edition.

xbox Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The three titles that are available with Deals with Gold on the Xbox 360 console are Blue Dragon, Prototype 2 and Devil May Cry HD Collection. While these games are quite old by now, if you are looking forward to make use of your Xbox 360 console, this could be the time to do so. They are all being sold for 50% offer while many of them has more than 75% and 80% off making it the cheapest way to experience these classic titles.

Titles like Prototype and Asura’s Wrath are also available under the Games on Demand program. Every week, Microsoft discounts a couple of selected titles and many others during the Spotlight sale. It makes it easier for gamers to enjoy playing without having to spend huge sums on their favorite titles. The sale also discounts premium packs, DLCs and additional content.

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