Nokia Branded Flagship Smartphone Incoming with Carl Zeiss Lens

Nokia Smartphone

The competition is rife in the world of Android smartphones and Nokia trying to find its spot in this era is no easy task.

One good thing is that they have some trusted partners from the past. Carl Zeiss is one among with whom HMD, the company behind Nokia has signed a partnership.

Nokia camera Carl Zeiss Lens

In the golden days, Nokia had some of the best smartphones of those times powered by stellar Carl Zeiss lenses. The partnership is going to come up again and this time, they are not going to just use it on any smartphone but rather create a flagship device that would truly justify the name they created decades ago. The most prominent model in the past was the flagship N95 smartphone from Nokia which was powered by Carl Zeiss lens and produced the best smartphone photography of the era. Things have changed a lot with dual rear lenses that could offer depth just like a DSLR camera these days.

HMD is now going to recreate the same era with another flagship device from Nokia. The Nokia 9 is the top end model right now but it is just the beginning of many as few other phones are yet to be officially launched. Based on the announcement, it is being expected that the superior camera powered by Zeiss will be used in one of the phones. It is supposed to be more premium and obviously more expensive than the top of the line model available now. Besides, the smartphone brand has to ensure they use the top of the line chipset and specifications so that it becomes a fair buy for the customers.

Nokia Carl Zeiss Lens

Nokia already developed its own image sampling technologies and used lenses provided by Carl Zeiss in their models like the PureView devices as well as the 808. The phone’s success relied more on the name the brand had in those years along with the overall build quality and camera performance. However, it is quite difficult to surpass what others offer in terms of picture clarity today. All that Nokia could do is provide something that is on par with what Samsung, Apple and Huawei would offer with an Android operating system on top of it.

HMD is keen on bringing Nokia phones powered by Zeiss optics into the market soon and they may be made available in the second half of 2017 giving buyers more choice of premium brands than it already is.

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