Nokia 6 beats Google Pixel and Nexus family in Receiving July Android Security Updates

Nokia 6

The resurrection of Nokia took many by storm when the company unveiled the Nokia 6 back in January and as it seems, there’s more to this brand than we thought.

When the Nokia 6 went on sale in China, it took less than a few minutes and it was sold out. This was enough to show Nokia that it still has some love out there and so far, the tech giant, in conjunction with HMD Global, has unveiled the Nokia 6 in other markets alongside other budget phones named Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

There’s no doubt that Nokia has that sweet spot in many people’s hearts, but the latest happening will make this comeback even much better than expected. One thing people love Google Pixel and Nexus phones is because of the timely updates the phones receive, but it appears that Nokia is determined to take over this crown as evidenced by the latest software updates.

Google published the official Pixel and Nexus July Android security updates just yesterday, but before this happened, Nokia 6 was already receiving this same update over the air. This was at some point seen on Motorola phones, but it is now happening with Nokia.

Owners of the Nokia 6 started receiving the latest Android security patch earlier this week, a few days before Google Pixel and Nexus users started speaking the same language. During its early days, there was a rumor that Nokia could be the OEM that will join Google’s Android One program in the U.S. and with this kind of dedication, it’s possible that this could be the case.

Nonetheless, the fact that Nokia 6 has been able to receive the latest updates well ahead of the Pixel and Nexus phones speaks volumes of Nokia’s comeback. With these kinds of moves, it won’t be long before the brand becomes a fan favorite in not just the U.S., but also in other markets where Google Nexus and Pixel phones have been finding it hard to hit the ground.

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