Nokia E1 and Nokia D1C – Images Leaked Suggesting Variants Running on Android 7.0 Nougat and other Specifications

Nokia E1

Nokia has been poised and confident about making a grand comeback with not just one but with an array of Android-based devices next year.

It has been long rumored that Nokia is working on Android smartphones which might compete with the likes of other devices made by OnePlus. There have been reports suggesting leaks from China, regarding a new smartphone, which according to the leaked images has been spotted bearing the name of Nokia and also that it runs on the Android OS. There has been one screenshot that suggests that the name of this device could probably be Nokia E1.

Nokia D1C

Apart from the Nokia E1, there have also been reports suggesting that the company’s forthcoming flagship phone will be coming in two variants, of which one will be for the mid-range market and the other will be a high-end flagship killer range of devices. Apparently, the first real life images and a few specifications about the mid-range Nokia D1C just got leaked again, probably from a production site or from a lab in China. The recent leak of the so-called Nokia D1C, which has been dropped midway with clear images, shows not only the intended hardware but also the Android version i.e. the Android 7.0 Nougat which they will be supposedly sporting straight out of the box.

Nokia E1 Smartphone

Just a couple of days after a Nokia device got leaked in live images, another photo of a smartphone, that is supposedly rumored to be Nokia E1 powered by Android, has surfaced online and has revealed design elements regarding the front panel of the handset. According to a report by The Android Soul, which showed the leaked images, the snow colored Nokia E1 is seen to sport a body that is rectangular, shaped like a brick with minute curved corners.

Nokia E1

As per the leaked images, the Nokia E1 boasts of a single-grilled speaker in the middle of the panel, a sensor at the left, and the Nokia branding at the top right corner. At the bottom of the panel, three capacitive-based buttons have been housed, wherein the left button works for the back functions, the centre button for Home functions, the right button for the ‘Recents’ function. As of now, no information regarding the internal hardware details of the Nokia E1 have been revealed yet.

Nokia D1C Smartphone

Nokia’s push into the market full with smartphones is most likely to be headed by the rumored Nokia D1C Android device. The Nokia D1C is probably one of the most leaked smartphones which emphasize the likelihood that it will undoubtedly see the light of the day and it might possibly be one of the devices which will be released first. It has already swung by AnTuTu and Geekbench, expeditions that make sure that the internals of the device has been revealed.

The latest leaks about the D1C suggest that it is a budget handset. According to recent reports, the Nokia D1C is expected to arrive with a Full HD display, a rear-facing camera of 13-megapixels, 4 GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and a Snapdragon 600 series chipset. The sketches of the D1C that have been disseminated suggest that it might have a 5-inch display with a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution. These specifications are bound to cement the mid-range credentials of the Nokia D1C.

NokiaD1C Specs

Nokia D1C Variants

The recent reports have revealed that the other possible variant of the Nokia D1C could be a higher end version of the smartphone or it could itself even become Nokia’s very own flagship.  Although the leak has not provided much of detailed information regarding the premium variant of this device, it might have a larger 5.5-inch display. Even the premium variant will run powered by Android 7.0 Nougat. Interestingly, both the variants are expected to have the same resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.  According to the Chinese sources, apart from the difference in screen sizes, the only notable difference in the leaked sketches in between the two devices, at this point in time, seems to be the front-facing fingerprint sensor that comes on the premium D1C high-end model and the mid-range unit will not have that feature.

Nokia D1C Sketch

According to some sources, the Nokia D1C variants are expected to debut at the upcoming CES 2017 that will be happening in Las Vegas from January 5th, 2017 to January 8th.

A close look at the sketches reveal a good match to earlier leaked two renders and also to the recently leaked Nokia D1C and Nokia E1 real-life images. As the Nokia D1C is expected to come in two variants, there are reports suggesting that the Nokia E1 is probably another variant of Nokia D1C or it could be an altogether new device too. If the Nokia E1 is the indeed the second variant of the Nokia D1C, then the devices may come to the market as the Nokia E1 and the Nokia D1.

About the Makers of Nokia

There has been a bit of confusion about which company is actually behind the comeback of Nokia. There are a few reports suggesting that Nokia, which is right now in the telecommunications equipment manufacturer business, is staging the relaunch of the self-branded smartphones by itself. These reports were based on the presentation given by the company at a meeting with investors in November 2015, wherein a slide in the presentation alluded to the return of Nokia as a smartphone brand next year.

On the contrary, there is also the fact that HMD Global is now a separate business entity. To recall, HMD Global is the company which licensed the brand Nokia from Microsoft and supported it to release the Android-powered handsets. It is a startup which was founded by former executives from Nokia and they have together partnered with Foxconn to bring back Nokia into the smartphone game.

Nokia D1C images

The D1C smartphone device will mark the return of Nokia into the smartphone business after it followed the terms of the Nokia Devices and Services acquisition by Microsoft in 2014. Nokia was kept out of the mobile phones market up until now because of the non-compete clause that was part of the transaction.

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