Nokia Unveils Two New Feature Phones, the Nokia 105 and the 130

Nokia 105

The Microsoft owned Nokia has launched two new feature phones in the market.

Smartphones are mini computers no doubt but when it comes to battery life, ease of use and reliability, feature phones still rule. The Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 were officially launched without much fanfare.

The HMD Global company has developed a habit of launching a new version of the Nokia 105 every two years and they might possibly continue the trend as there are hardly any other players in the feature phone market. The latest version of the 105 has some subtle design changes but largely remains the same even in terms of specifications.

The latest version of the feature phone has a decent 1.8-inch display which is much bigger than its previous editions and is a much needed improvement so that users could use the phone with ease. Under the slim, plastic body, the device is running on a Nokia Series 30+ platform. The 4MB RAM and 4MB ROM is more than enough to keep it running because it doesn’t do more than phone calls, occasional games and a radio.

A 800 mAh battery powers the Nokia 105 2017 edition which promises up to 15 hours of talk time and comes bundled with a FM radio. It should be the best entertainment you can get on the go considering the fact that phone doesn’t support a media player or is designed to allow you to carry your entire video library on the go. Connectivity options include a micro USB 2.0 port combined with a 3.5mm audio jack to power your headset.

Snake Xenzia, an improved version of the original pixelated snakes game in color is what you get bundled in the operating system. Good news is, despite the compact size a dual SIM version of the smartphone will be available making it easy for you to carry them around without draining battery on your over powered smartphone(!). The newly announced Nokia 105 is priced at $15 with three different color choices.

Nokia 130

The Nokia 130 features a similar 1.8-inch display with 4MB of RAM and 8MB of ROM. It supports 32 GB storage card and has a bigger 1020 mAh battery. Connectivity is once again the same micro USB 2.0 port with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The 130 feature phone can run up to 44 hours with the FM radio on and provides a massive one month standby making it the go to device for impressive battery life. Nokia 130 will be sold for $21.50.

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