Audi RS Q8 to Further Expand Audi Performance SUV Lineup

Audi RS Q8 SUV

The Audi Sport is the performance division which produced the popular Audi RS models.

The division is planning to further expand their lineup and surprisingly, they are not going to go with sedans or sports car but are interested in making SUVs.

The latest update confirmed that Audi performance division is working on a RS Q8 which will be a luxury SUV. The actual pricing of the model is yet to be confirmed. Based on their earlier models and the pricing structure, it should be somewhere around the £100,000 mark and definitely not the car the average buyer is looking forward to own in the UK.


The announcement was made by none other than Stephan Winkelmann, Audi Sport head who said, “At the moment, we are working on a product line-up which will further expand the prestige segment. It is based on the most popular body segment, the SUVs that have such a strong demand from customers in every region.” While he didn’t confirm the entire lineup of cars they have planned, Winkelmann said that a range topper version of the Q8 is under production. An exclusive image of the car is now available online giving people a sneak peak of what to expect when the luxury SUV hits stores.

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Sharing his views on the growing popularity of SUVs, he added that it is kind of late to revamp the Q7 which is already close to the end of its lifecycle. The situation prompted the engineers to go with a premium variant of the Audi Q8 which will have a much stronger demand in the market. Q8 Sport Concept was originally showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and the suggested price tag confirmed the manufacturers are obviously focusing on the elite customers who are more than willing to spend the price to own one of these cars.

Audi RS q8 sport concept

Audi Q8 Sport is being built on the top of the same platform already being used by the Lamborghini Urus and may also have the same potent V8 engine to produce impressive horsepower. Diesel is not going to be choice of engine for Audi as the company is quite aware of the fact that many countries don’t support the fuel actively and it will be a petrol engine variant making it easier to deliver the power expected of a performance car.

Apart from performance, the Audi engineers are also focusing on comfort, features and space making it a true luxury car that delivers on all front without any compromise.

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