Note 7 Disaster – Samsung Claims No Common Defects or Manufacturing Flaw in the Note 7 Devices

Note 7

Samsung’s front is that the Note 7 devices did not have any common defects, thereby not admitting that there was any manufacturing flaw in the design.

The Note 7 Disaster

The summer of 2016 saw the disaster of the Samsung Note 7 devices. Some experts on the matter opine that the designing of the device was a little aggressive and this resulted in battery flaws, causing the mix of the components and leading to the explosions. This means that the Note 7 devices were not safe as the electrodes in its battery were capable of mixing and resulting in reactions leading to fire or explosion.

Note 7 Disaster

Recall of Devices

Initially, the company recalled all the affected devices and replaced them with new models.  After recalling the affected devices, the company continued to ship new Note 7 devices that had batteries from another supplier. However, the replaced devices also went through the same explosions, which led to the belief that Samsung had rushed through the production of the Note 7 devices, so that it could be released before the iPhone 7 launched in September this year.

Whatever be the reasons, the company had recall more than 2.5 million devices and also compensated the users with early upgrades to the next flagship device, the S8, which is due in February 2017.

Users Unhappy

However, not all users are satisfied with the compensation plans of the company. This is because they feel that the Note family and the S series family are similar but not the same. The Note series brings in some more features compared to the S series, especially the S Pen. Consumers have been inconvenienced and they have been suing the company for a sum of around $450 or 5000,000 won. The costs incurred are on account of visiting the sales counters and the fears of the phone exploding.

No Common Defect

According to some sources in the industry, Samsung has now made a statement to the District Court of Seoul that the Note 7 devices did not come with any common defects and that the company had made an appropriate recall of the devices.

No Manufacturing Flaw

In making this statement, Samsung is effectively saying that the Note 7 did not have any manufacturing flaws or any design flaws. The company has not been able to solve the battery problems of the devices that were recalled. It might be difficult for the company to satisfy the disgruntled Note 7 users, especially if they are not able to release the next gen Note 8 next year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Dissatisfied Users

A small group of consumers, amounting to around 2400 in number, might be isolated in this way. However, this is a small number compared to the 2.5 million users of the Note 7, so it is not surprising that Samsung has hardened its stand. The case is still to be heard in the court, so there will probably be a lot of letters being exchanged between the outraged customers and the company for the present.

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