Cheering News for iPhone Owners – Battery Problems Being Resolved – No Safety Issue


According to Business Insiders, the problems with the iPhone 6S devices will soon be fixed with a new update for the iOS software.

Battery Problems

In November this year, there were reports that some of the iPhone devices were experiencing sudden shut downs due to battery problems. Many of the devices were closing down, despite having enough battery life on it. There were several complaints from all over the world and Apple had made a promise to offer replacement for devices facing the issue.

iPhone Battery Problems Resolved

Limited number of Devices

Later, Apple made a statement that the battery problem was being faced by a limited number of devices that had been introduced in the months of September and October last year. Apple has found that these devices had a battery part that had been exposed to a controlled ambience of air a little longer that necessary, before assembling the parts in the battery pack. Such an assembly had resulted in mortification of the batteries faster than usual and it had resulted in the sudden shutdowns of some devices.

Temperature Problems

The company had also looked into other factors that could be causing the sudden shutdown of the devices. The iPhone is made in such a way that it automatically closes down in case of extreme weather conditions, such as very cold weather. According to Tony Fadell, an Apple executive and also said to be the iPod’s father, has confirmed that this issue is affecting not only the iPhone 6S but also the 6S Plus.

Battery Problems

Initially, according to Business Insiders, it was not clear whether the battery problem was caused due to the recent iOS update 10.1.1. It is being reported that the several complaints registered against the device will get a fix with a new update for the iOS software.

It was later revealed that the battery parts were the cause of the problem. Some chemical reactions within the battery have resulted in the shutting down of the said devices. It is also said that the lithium ions in the battery build up with time and this results in slowing down the battery life.

Tool For Checking

Apple had introduced a new tool some days back, with which users could check out whether their devices were eligible for the free program of battery replacement. Owners of the affected phones were asked to check out the serial number of the device on the company website. Users who find that the serial number shows eligibility can ask for the replacement of the battery in the iStore or any other authorized service centers.


Not Safety Issue

Apple has also issued a statement that the iPhone has been designed to close down automatically under specific conditions like extreme cold. Though the shut down might appear unexpected, the feature is incorporated to protect the electronics in the iPhone from a low voltage issue. Apple has claimed that there is no safety issue involved due to the problem and that it only affects the phones that fall within a specific range of serial numbers.

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